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This women's bag stands out for its originality in the shape of a sack, to be carried on the shoulder. Its exterior is made up of a...
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This women's handbag is a special piece because its small briefcase shape gives a touch of sophistication and elegance to all looks....
This circular shaped briefcase bag is original and the jewel in the crown of our new collection. Its shape leaves no one indifferent and...
A classic, timeless women's handbag in the perfect size for the office. It has an inverted uve shape with an adjustable strap to carry...
Leather shoulder bag for men. Perfect to go to work and wear with casual looks. It has an adjustable strap and inside there are two...
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This black handmade rectangular bag has a zip fastening, gold-tone hardware, braided handles and velvety leather and crocodile faux...
This mobile phone bag is as practical as it is light to carry your mobile phone (of any size) as well as your cards and money. It has 2...
This bag model is trendy because it combines comfort, practicality and style. This bag is comfortable to carry every day, it has an...
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Sometimes we insist on putting fashions and labels, when we know that in reality fashion is timeless and the touch of style with accessories we put on it, as we want and with what we want.


That is why the RAGAZZA MAGICA bags are designed as a quality piece, limited edition and from an artisan factory in Florence, Italy.

We want to fill the corners of our closets with special things with our memories. Our philosophy of 100% handmade bags with an Italian soul is designed to pamper you with a unique piece, either for yourself or as a gift. For example, our bags are designed for when certain dates or important moments arrive and you no longer have ideas ... of course there are many possibilities, flowers, that trip ... but what if you want to say something in a special way and you know that that person How much do you want is a lover of Italy and unique pieces, we want to help you.


Italy is a country rich in culture and with a great tradition in the world of fashion and crafts. In fact, the great international firms such as Versace or Armani have their origins in this country full of great landscapes and dreamy postcards.

At Ragazza Magica we have thought that we want to help you bring that little person closer to Italian tradition and culture in a special way. The meaning of RAGAZZA MAGICA means special person and in Spanish CHICA MÁGICA, this is how Jovanotti used to sing it in his songs, if you want you can listen to it because everything he says is not wasted.

Italy is known as one of the most romantic countries in the world because of a kiss in the Piazza San Marco in Venezia, or the views on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. We want each of our pieces to tell you a story so that when you close your eyes you can imagine a place with a magical message, will you sign up?


Choose your bag made directly in the leather workshops of Tuscany, in Florence, and tell them with a personalized message that we will write on a dedicated postcard or engraved on leather (with a traditional fire-etched technique), you can also choose bags with initials. Write to us and we will prepare your order with the maximum detail.

So, as we know that you love Italy and its Dolce Vita, browse the web and discover the selected Limited Edition models, for each season always different designs and colors, that we have prepared so that you can make a gift to whom more you want.


Customize your bag with your initials or with the most iconic phrases of Italian culture:

"Carpe Diem" | "Dolce Vita" | "Dolce fare niente" | "Sei a magic ragazza" | "Se sounded fiori, fioriranno" | "I benefited from the amizia and I will confidare a secret" | "Certe luci non puoi spegnerle" | "Innamorato always say più ... in the background all'anima ... forever you ..." | "Si muore un po 'per poter vivere" | "When you sei..qui with me..questa stanza has not più pareti." | "Ma come non ti accorgi di quanto il mondo sia meraviglioso."

Or if you prefer, you can also write yours by requesting it through our contact form or by WhatsApp.

Be you, unique and special.

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