Entrevista a María Cerveró

Entrevista a María Cerveró




Primary teacher



Favorite color:

Having a mansion with a pool

Favorite color:

Having a mansion with a pool

- Q. As a woman of the 21st century, what are your 3 basic values ​​in life?

- R. Value yourself as a person, be faithful to your principles and let yourself be carried away by the heart.

- Q. How would you define yourself in a word?

- R. Constant.

- Q. What makes you feel special? It can be a thing, a moment, a person ...

- R. The crazy little guys I teach.

- Q. Have you ever been to Italy? If so, what is your favorite city and why?

- R. I would love to be able to travel to Italy.

- Q. Tell us about a difficult situation that you have had to face this year.

- R. Last year I changed my job (stable) three times to achieve my dream: to be a teacher. Putting everything aside and going to another city, starting from 0, is hard.

- Q. When you have gray days, what makes you gain the strength to keep going?

- R. Talk to the people I love the most and see how lucky I am.

- Q. What wouldn't you take to a desert island?

- R. I've never stopped to think what I wouldn't wear, but I guess some heels hahahahahaha

- Q. Tell us about a dream related to magic…

- R. For me a dream would be to be able to become a Hollywood actress, even if it was only for one day.

- Q. What advice would you give to those people who want to shine to the fullest in their life?

- R. That she be true to herself, that she turn a deaf ear and that she go for it.

- Q. What does it mean to you to be a Magic Ragazza?

- R. It means to be a brave person, like its creator.

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