Formas de limpiar tu bolso

Formas de limpiar tu bolso

In this article we would like to explain how to take care of your Ragazza Magica leather bag so that this unique and handmade piece will last you for years.

1. With water and moisturizer

  • 1. For any type of type of texture, it can be cleaned with a damp cloth with water, being careful not to get it too wet, for this you have to rub the bag. We wait for it to dry.
  • 2. Even with a small amount of moisturizer. There are specific products for bags but you can also use a moisturizing cream for shoes and put a little product on a cloth and it is passed through the entire bag so that the skin absorbs the product. If we do it little by little we will see brilliant results.
  • 3. At the end, with a dry cloth, it should be given another pass and it will remove the excess traces of moisturizer, leaving the bag in perfect condition.

2. With bar of soap

What happens if food or liquid has been stained inside the bag? You will need the following utensils to get to work:

  • - Warm water
  • - Normal soap
  • - Sponge

Dissolve the soap in water with a sponge and rub the stain little by little to clean it well, we renew the water as it gets darker. Later, it must be rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry.

Then with a scourer and a bar of soap we rub one with the other and we begin to rub the skin, after rubbing for a long time we must moisten the sponge as many times as necessary.

Then with a damp cloth with water we rub again and then with a cotton cloth we clean our bag. You can add as much skin as possible to it. Once it dries, you will have the result of a good, clean bag in perfect condition to last a lifetime.

3. With hand cream

You need a hand cream of any brand and simple to clean the leather bag with the help of a nylon cloth to dry once we finish massaging the bag with circular movements. As a tip, you can apply the cream with a cotton pad.

4. With baby wipes

Baby wipes are inexpensive and easy to clean on leather bag surfaces. It is a quick and low cost solution to give your bag a face wash. We recommend using a nylon cloth to dry for a good result. We hope that with these tips you can take care of your authentic leather bags so that they last for years and years and even pass from generation to generation.

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